Transfer in Srinagar

The ideal season to visit India is from December to February. In April, torrential rains, monsoons and heat begin, ending in September-October. Few tourists know that you can visit the most ancient country in the summer.

To the north is Srinagar, where it is best to go in June or July. How to get to Srinagar from the airport? Book your transfer at The driver will arrive in advance and will be waiting for you in the arrival zone with a sign.

Srinagar is the state capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The city is located on the banks of the river Jelam. It is believed that there is an ideal climate. For five centuries, the resort was visited by the ruling dynasties of India. Srinagar is known for nine ancient bridges connecting the modern part of the city with the historical one.

We recommend to see the lake Dal. Locals built their houses on the water and created several floating parks. Dealers in small boats sail here early in the morning and arrange a real market. Here you can buy flowers, fresh vegetables, seafood, coal, firewood and clothing.

The symbol of the city is the XIV century Shah-Hamadan mosque, built of mahogany in the shape of a pyramid. The architecture combines the influence of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. There are daily services on its territory. Hazratbal, another shrine of Srinagar, which is located west of Lake Dal. She is famous for the relic of the Prophet Mohammed. If you want to see as many interesting places as possible, rent a car with a driver. You will save time on the road and have time to visit not only in the center, but also around Srinagar.

The ideal place for a stroll is the Siraj Bagh tulip garden. It is the largest flower park in all of Asia. Its employees annually grow more than a million bulbs of 60 different species.

To get around the city, locals ride minibuses and sail on shikara boats. Officially, the operation is from 09:00 to 23:00, but after 20:00 you will not meet any public transport.

If you are planning evening trips or you have a night departure from the International Airport, book a transfer to Srinagar on the website Experienced drivers are well versed on the road and quickly delivered to their destination.