Transfer in Gothenburg

When traveling through Sweden, be sure to visit Gothenburg — the second most important city in the country. Make sure to book a hotel room and transfer. Leave an application form on our website and receive only the best offers from the drivers.

The ferry is a very popular means of transportation between the Schengen members. There is a daily ferry going from Denmark and Germany to Gothenburg. If you travel by your own car, crossing the bridge will be faster. If you want to save time you should use a plane. The Gothenburg airport is just 20km away from the city center. You can get there by public transport taxi. If you don’t want to wait for a bus or taxi, use a transfer service. The driver will get you to your hotel in Gothenburg.

A few historical buildings remain in the city. The oldest one is Krunhus house built in 1653. In 1660 the coronation of then 5-year old prince Carl the XI took place. Nearby stands the city museum which used to belong to the East India Company. The exhibition is perfect for those who take an interest in local history and culture. In addition to that, inside you can see the authentic remains of the ancient Viking ship.

What else there is to see in Gothenburg? After the museum, you can walk to the main square where the monument to Carl the IX stands. A line of XVIII merchant houses stands along the promenade.

When walking around the city, spend some time on the Gothenburg university. It is one of the most important educational institutions in Scandinavia — 37.000 students study in 8 faculties. Sweden is famous for unique architectural and design decisions. The IKEA Company is a national treasure.

The weather in Gothenburg is usually better than anywhere else in Sweden. Visit the Karlsten keep and the red castle of Celeholm. You will need a car for this travel and car rental service in Gothenburg is a perfect solution for you.