Transfer in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the center of culture, sport and tourism in the country. You can reach Sarajevo from almost any nearby city or by train from Zagreb. The Sarajevo airport receives a number of flights, including flights from Turkey and Switzerland. It is also possible to fly to one of the neighboring countries and book a transfer from there. This way you spend less time planning your route and arrive when it’s most convenient for you.

The population of the capital is about 300 000 people. For centuries local Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bosnians and Catholic Croats have been living together here. Due to the unique blend of culture and religions, Sarajevo is often called the Jerusalem of Europe.

The main landmarks of Sarajevo are connected to the Turkish part of the country as the city is full of ancient mosques. The main one is the mosque of Gazi - Hosrevbey, built from white stone. The Morcha - Han, XVI century caravanserai is also worth visiting.

What else to see in Sarajevo? The symbol of the city is the Sacred Heart Cathedral which is also part of the city’s coat of arms. All the streets lead to Markale square where it is always crowded and noisy. Restaurants, shops, stands and street criers - everything tries to attract the attention of tourists. It will be interesting to visit the Sarajevo National Theatre. The National Museum consists of 5 bodies, dedicated to art and different time periods in the life of the city.

Bosnia and Herzegovina may not seem like a good place for winter sports but it is a mistake.The Jahorina ski resort hosted the 1984 Olympic Games. The local tracks are of medium difficulty but there are also expert ones. If you want to ski in the Olympics park, better to book a transfer with a driver in Sarajevo. The ski resort is just 30 minutes away from the city. You can get there by bus but it’s much better to use a car. The weather in Sarajevo is favorable for skiing as the skiing season is from November until April. The average temperature in winter is 0°C.

When planning to go to Sarajevo, be prepared to take long walks and take lots if pictures as Sarajevo is the place where you can find something interesting any time of the year.