Transfer from Beauvais-Till airport

Beauvais-Tille International Airport is the third most important international airport in Paris. Territorially, there are two kilometers from the city Beauvais, in honor of which they named the air hub. Lowcost airlines and inexpensive charters come there, most of which are owned by the airline "Ryanair". The airfield was built in the 1930s, as civilian began to function in 1956. If your plane flies here, book a transfer from Beauvais airport to quickly reach the capital. The distance between the air hub and Paris is 70 kilometers.

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The airport building consists of two terminals that serve international and domestic flights. The second terminal was built only in 2011, when the ramified infrastructure appeared too. You can walk from one sector to another by walk, as they are within walking distance of each other. To understand where is shops and another points much easier in Beauvais than in Orly and Charles de Gaulle.

It is important to know that the airport operates from 6 am to 11:30 pm in accordance with the "Law on Silence". This is not very convenient for transit passengers, so there are several hotels near the air hub. During opening hours, you can wait for the flight in comfortable waiting rooms or sit in a restaurant. Duty Free, souvenir shops, free Wi-Fi, currency exchange points and other services are provided at the level of major airports.

How to get to Beauvais-Till airport and back? If you rented a car with a driver on, the route will run along the RN1 or A16 motorways. If you want to save on private transport, then from the metro station Port-Mayo shuttle bus runs. The journey takes 75 minutes. The TER Picardie train Between Paris and Beauvais runs. Taxi from the capital will cost indecently expensive. If you want to combine comfort and the best price, then book a transfer a few days before departure. Travel profitable with!