Transfer to Hamburg airport

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Hamburg International airport was opened in 1911, since then it is one of the five busiest air hubs in the country. In 2016, the airport was given a triple name in honor of Helmut Schmidt.

The Hamburg airport (the second name) consists of two terminals which is connected by a baggage claim area and Airport Plaza with numerous restaurants and shops. T1 serves flights from Europe, and T2 receives aircraft of local airlines (Lufthansa and Germanwings). In each sector there is Duty Free, children's rooms, first aid post and Bank branches. In the building T1 is a travel company that will help you choose a tour program even for a few hours. If you are well-versed in Hamburg, we recommend to rent a car with a driver.

How to get from Hamburg airport? Express buses, as well as №26, 274 and 292, run from the airport to the city centre. To reach Hamburg can from the subway station Hamburg Airport, which is located before the terminals. Hamburg airport is 11 kilometers from the city. By public transport, the journey will take about half an hour. If you prefer comfort and do not want to travel by bus with heavy Luggage, book a transfer. This is the most convenient way to travel for tourists.