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The country of myths and ancient gods meets tourists with the bright sun and olive smell. Arriving in the country of the Greeks who appreciated the order, it is important to provide details of the trip. Accommodation, transport, excursions. You can book a transfer to Athens from the airport at

Athens is the capital of Greece, once a mighty city in antiquity. The first in terms of the number of residents in second place is Thessaloniki. Here the European civilization was born and the first settlements appeared 3000 years ago. Above all stands the Acropolis, the majestic fortress of the 5th century. BC.

The symbol of the city is the temple of the Parthenon and the colonnade erected in honor of the goddess Athena, the patroness of Greece. The architectural complex was built for 15 years. From all over the country delivered the best marble, wood and precious metals.

On the territory of the Acropolis there is an ancient theater, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. For 2000 years, classical music nights are held here and various performances are held. On the site of the former market square stands the temple of the god of fire Hephaestus. The center of Athens forms a "triangle" of the three most famous areas. This is Omonia, Syntagma and Monastiraki.

It is worth a stroll through the Panathina Stadium, where the Olympic Games were held for the first time several thousand years ago. Then climb the hill Likabet, from which a wonderful view of the city. From here you can see how the central street, Panepistimiu, connects the Omonia Square and the Syntagma. And on them is the famous Greek ensemble from the buildings of the University, the National Library and the Academy.

Public transport is represented by buses, including night trains, metro, trams. Underground routes run from 5 am to 00.00 at night. Three lines are built and during the trip a real excursion turns out: each station has different sights. Trams run to the southern districts of the city, most often local people use them for trips to the coast. Buses run throughout the city and the surrounding area, including the popular island of Crete. Therefore there are no difficulties with how to get to the center of Athens. There are also many bicycle rental points around the city.

Traveling in Greece means immersing yourself in the history of the country. It's easy to get lost among the ruins and imagine yourself a local. Myths and ancient legends surround tourists at every turn. If you want to see all the sights, but don’t wipe the shoe soles, book a transfer in Athens on