Transfer in Kishinev

Kishinev is the largest city in Moldavia. More than 800 000 people live here.

The capital of Moldova is a major transport point. There are many ways to reach Kishinev. There is a train station in the middle of the city. You can get to Moldova by train from any neighboring country. It is also possible to travel by bus. The most popular option is the plane. The Kishinev Airport is just 14km away and receives many flights every day. From the airport, you can get on a bus or taxi. Even better, if you book a transfer in Kishinev.

As the city stands on very fruitful soil, it is full of greenery. When walking around the city, you would stumble upon parks and gardens. Kishinev is considered to be the European city with the largest number of natural zones.

There are many things to see in Kishinev. One of them is the XIX century Triumph Arc with a large bell inside. It was built in honor of the victory in the Russian-Turkish War. The Nativity Cathedral is also nearby. You can also visit the Kishinev museum. The museum may seem to offer only a small number of exhibits but it is an illusion. Inside you can learn the exciting history and culture of the city. Another mandatory visit is to the National Ethnography Museum. There you can see the real mammoth skeleton!

Kishinev often becomes the starting point of the winery tours. The climate and the soil in Moldavia are favorable for grape cultivation. As a result, the country is a major wine manufacturer. The famous Mileștii Mici winery is just 12km away from the city center. You can go on a tour or book a transfer with a driver in Kishinev to taste all the Moldovia has to offer.