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Arriving at the airport I don't want to order an expensive taxi to the city, wait for the bus and carry my luggage myself. If you want to start your vacation immediately after the plane’s ramp, book a transfer to Kuwait through the service You choose the cost of the trip from the options, when booking the price becomes fixed.

Kuwait is a country in the Arabian Peninsula. A few years ago, objects from the V century BC were found on its territory. The exhibits are stored in the National Historical Museum, where everyone can get from 10.00 to 17.00. Kuwait is popular as a tourist destination: the coast is washed by the Persian Gulf, so you can relax on the beach throughout the year.

Kuwait, the capital of the state, was home to traders and Bedouins in the past century. Now it is an economic, cultural and entertainment center for the whole country. The hotels side by side with ancient palaces and mosques, supermarkets with bazaars selling oriental sweets. The streets of Kuwait are joined by the style of traditional Islamic buildings and modern architecture. Renting a car with a driver in Kuwait will allow you to visit various parts of the country and see the real life of the residents.

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In Kuwait, tourists visit interesting sights: the Palace of Sief, the country's highest skyscrapers Kuwait Towers or the Musical Fountain. Travelers rest in popular resorts such as Jahra and Hairan, diving, windsurfing or falconry. Take advantage of the passenger transportation services in Kuwait and find yourself in the famous amusement park. It is located 35 kilometers from the center. The Ali Baba Cave and Sinbad Castle with many different attractions are built on the territory.

Ordering a transfer to Kuwait is a convenient alternative to public transport or expensive taxis. A professional driver who knows the shortest routes will take you to your destination.

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