Transfer in Ulaanbaatar

Want to go horseback riding in the homeland of Genghis Khan? Do you want to learn what is going on in Mongolia now? Clamped between Russia and China this country managed to stay unique. Visit Ulaanbaatar, the capital where the modern skyscrapers in the city centre contrast with traditional yurts at the edge of the city.

How to reach Ulaanbaatar. Genghis Khan airport is only 18 kilometres away from the city centre. It’s accessible by bus or taxi. We recommend you book a transfer, you will be able to choose a driver that speaks your language and pay a reasonable competitive price for his service. That will save you from haggling with a local taxi driver that doesn’t speak your language.

The sights to see are numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries around the city. The biggest monastery is Gandantegchinlen. Here, the tourists can learn about monks and their life and rituals and see a giant gilded statue of Avalokiteśvara inlaid with 2286 precious gems.

Visit the Choijin Lama Temple, that happens to be a museum now. You will see the religious decorum and artefacts as well as the XVIII century statue of Buddha and a mummy of Lama Baldan Choephel. Souvenirs and antiques can give you trouble when trying to leave the country, so we recommend to ask the vendors for checks and certificates of authenticity.

It’s hard to find your way around Ulaanbaatar there are no accurate addresses in the city. The locals use the sights or other fixed objects to navigate around. Once you develop the same skill you will be able to use public transport. Otherwise, hire a driver for a day.

You can visit an ethnographic museum outside the city to see a giant statue of Genghis Khan. Right here the locals hold an annual festival where you can learn all about Mongolian traditional trades.

The best place to go from May to September is Bogd Khan Mountain National Park and Preserve. You can spend a few days here hiking or horseback riding. The local tourist centre has real yurts for rent. Whatever you choose you can have the time of your life.