Transfer in Tabarka

One of the best resorts in Tunisia is the city of Tabarka. This is a great alternative to vacationing in Egypt or Turkey. There is no visa regime, so you don’t need to spend time on paperwork. On the territory of Tabarka there are many amazing beaches, interesting places and hotels that are not at all inferior to the level of service in Europe.

How to get to Tabarka? Travelers arrive at Tunis Airport, as the resort’s air hub serves only domestic destinations. The flight time from Tunisia to Tabarka takes 40 minutes. Buses and shuttles run daily to the city center from 09:00 to 18:00. The path will take more than an hour. If you want to get to the hotel faster and arrive early in the morning or late in the evening, we recommend booking your transfer in Tabarka in advance through the service

The picturesque resort is located 22 kilometers from the capital of Tunisia. You can catch the sun's rays on the Mediterranean coast, have breakfast with fresh fruit and admire the old sights. This is exactly how a vacation on Tabarka goes.

Most of the beaches in Tabarka are sandy and wide, with a gentle entry into the sea, so families with children often rest here. The sand is light and fine, there are no stones and corals at the depth. Ebbs and flows are mild, there are no strong waves.

The best places to relax are the beaches of Mahdia, Hammamet and Djerba. If you want to go where there are few people and almost no tourist infrastructure, go to the Cap Bon peninsula or the northern coast of Tabarka. These places are considered wild, where residents most often spend time.

Among the other attractions in Tabarka is the Needles National Reserve, where there are needle-shaped rocks with a height of 20-25 meters. Every year there are extreme competitions in diving. After a walk in the park, rent a car with a driver in Tabarka to get to the Genoese fort, built by the French in the XVI century. The construction is located at an altitude of 17 meters, so it is more convenient to observe the horizon. By the way, the fort is still operating, a military unit of the Tunisian army is working on its territory.

Buses and tuk-tuks often run through the city, connecting the center with the surrounding area. Schedules and stations there. Locals and tourists raise their thumbs up for the driver to make a stop. For comfortable travel around Tabarka from the hotel to the airport or vice versa, use the transfer service

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