Transfer in Samarkand

The city of Samarkand was found on the ancient Silk Road. It was destroyed by the Mongol Horde of Genghis Khan in the XIII century. Timur (Tamerlane), the founder and ruler of the Timurid Empire rebuilt the city a hundred years later creating unique architectural monuments that are still standing. The city is located in the south-east of Uzbekistan near Tajikistan border.

How to get to Samarkand? The international airport Samarkand is only 8 km from the center of the city. You can take a bus that goes to the central terminal or hire a cab. In order to save time and energy you can book a transfer, the driver will meet you in the terminal and carry your suitcases to the car.

What sights to visit in Samarkand? The historical center is full of monumental structures. The three madrasahs of Registan form a XV-XVII century architectural ensemble in the heart of the city. The Ulugh Beg Madrasah made Samarkand the middle eastern cultural and educational capital of the XV century.

The Tashkentskaya pedestrian street leads to another architectural wonder — the Bibi- Khanym mosque, the biggest in Central Asia. Builders from Hindustan, Fars, Khorassan, Azerbaijan and other places erected this ensemble using elephants in record time.

To feel the local eastern color one needs to visit the Siab Bazaar. The numerous market stalls and pavilions cover 7 -hectares and only 10-minutes away from Registan. The merchants offer a variety of eastern desserts, nuts, dried fruit, and breads. The local traditions of haggling being more important than the sale haven’t changed in 600 years.

There are quite a few places of interest to visit outside the city. Hire a car in Samarkand for a day to see The sycamore garden Chor-Chinor and a medieval Ulugh Beg observatory.

The tourist season in Samarkand strongly depends on the weather conditions. The travelling conditions are optimal from the beginning of March to the beginning of June and from September to the first week of November. In summer, the temperature easily reaches +40 °C (104°F) making travelling borderline unpleasant.

Samarkand has a very distinctive Eastern spirit. The positive impressions of local hospitality, the sceneries and sights will last a lifetime.