Transfer from Quebec to Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is one of the best ski resorts in southwestern Canada. This is the most ancient landscape formation, whose age is more than 500 million years. In Mont-Tremblant there are 90 descents with trails of different difficulty levels and terrain. Here it will be interesting to beginners, amateurs, professionals and extremals. The summits in this part of the country are lower, so the season lasts from December to April.

After an active pastime on the slopes, you can go to the water park, swim in the pool, relax in the hammam or sauna. In the evening, we recommend a stroll through the old houses of the mid-XX century or go dog sledding.

Many international and charter flights arrive at Quebec City Jean Lesage Airport. It is located 400 kilometers from the resort. Tourists prefer to buy budget flights, and then book a transfer to the ski resort. How to get from Quebec to Mont-Tremblant? There are several options.

How can I get from Quebec to Mont-Tremblant?

By bus 5 hours
Regional and intercity buses ply from Quebec Central Bus Station. Daily 6 times a day Galland Group flights connect Mont-Tremblant and the rest of the city.
By train -
There are no trains or trains between Quebec and Mont-Tremblant. Use other methods of movement.
Rent a car 3 hours 50 minutes
Rent a car is a quick way to move, especially if you are planning an active holiday in the mountains. Travel time will seem imperceptible if you spend it in a comfortable environment. The driver will meet in the arrival zone and quickly take you to the resort.
On transfer 3 hours
Book your transfer from Quebec to Mont-Tremblant at Indicate that you are traveling with equipment for outdoor activities, and choose the type of car that is suitable for your purposes.