Transfer from Lyon to Megeve

Megeve is a prestigious ski area in France, near Mont Blanc. This is the first alpine resort, which was supposed to be a place for resting the aristocracy. There is the Alpine village of Saint-Gervais with comfortable hotels, a spa and a skating rink.

The total length of the trails is 445 kilometers. The most steep and complex descents, which are suitable only for the pros, are in Mont-Joux and Mont-Joli, as well as in Le Joyer and Combloux. Skiers of intermediate level of training and snowboarders should go to D'Arbois.

Most tourists come from Lyon. The distance between the city and the resort is 186 kilometers. Here you can know how to get from Lyon to Megeve by public and private transport.

Ways to get from Lyon to Megeve:

By bus 4 hours 20 minutes
From the station Perash, a direct bus (Ouibus carrier) runs once a day. The main disadvantage: traveling with all the equipment, with a full bus you can not fit. Tickets can be purchased at the station and on the official website of the carrier.
By train from 4 hours
From the railway station Part Dieu the train runs for Sallanches station in Comblou 4 times a day. It is worth noting that the travel time of day flights is 3 hours 15 minutes and about 11 hours at night. From Sallanches bus runs to the stop Megeve hourly.
By rented car from 2 hours 30 minutes
Renting a car with a driver on, you will not only save time, but also get an opportunity to enjoy the alpine landscapes: if necessary, stop for a photo or stop for lunch.
By transfer 2 hours 20 minutes
Transfer from Lyon to Megeve is an excellent way to save time traveling from one point to another during your vacation. You do not need do a transfer to a bus or train. If you are traveling by a large group of people, we recommend that you select a bus in the application for Travel with comfort!