How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland

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We decided to fulfill a long dream and get into the real world of cartoon characters, say Hello to Mickey and goofy, try on Cinderella's dress and Sleeping Beauty, dare to rollercoaster? Then you need to know not only about the most available hours to visit, but also about how best to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland, not tired of searching for transport, stuffy and noisy salons, annoying passengers, choosing the best route. If your goal is exclusively the world of Walt Disney in Marie La Vale, then there are several ways to get from the airport to the famous amusement Park.

By bus

Public transport, in this case the bus leaves every 60 minutes and takes just over half an hour. In order to take advantage of this method, you need to find a bus stop at the zero level of the airport, landmark terminals 2E and 2F. There is a bus stop between them. In order not to get lost, look for the pointer “VEA Navettes Disneyland resort Paris”. An adult ticket costs 20 euros and a child ticket costs 16 euros.

By train

Most tourists get to Disneyland by train, choosing one of two suitable options.

The high-speed train from TVG departs from the platform located in the second terminal, and tickets can be bought on site to the station Marne La'velle Chessy. The frequency of their departure - 1 time in 10 minutes, exactly as the time spent on the road. The ticket price is about 29 euros, and the first class is about 36 euros, but if the road takes no more than 10 minutes, the question arises whether to pay extra.

The regional train RER. Landing on it in the 1st and 2nd terminals, you need to go to the bus stop Chatelet-Les Halles. Take the train line A and get off at Termini and Marne la Valle Chessy. All the time on the way will take up to 2 hours, excluding delays in unforeseen cases. Ticket price-15 euros. It is important to know: the ticket must be kept until you leave the train car, otherwise the conductor may issue a penalty for stowaway travel, and you will need it to exit the RER.

By taxi

The most comfortable way is to book a taxi, especially convenient for those tourists who arrive very sooner or later, when public transport is still or no longer works. Taxis can be found in car parks near the airport. The cost of a taxi ride will be more than 70 euros, and in 20 minutes of a comfortable and species trip, you will be on the spot.

The second option is to book a transfer from the airport to Disneyland in advance. This option has many more advantages – you choose the car class, the language in which the driver will speak, the cost, the time-and you know for sure that on arrival you will already be expected by a high-quality driver from a reliable company.

If you go on a trip with friends, ordering a transfer, you can save money, but not inferior quality. Our company offers several options of cars for your trip to Disneyland. The route through the picturesque and romantic places, so that the trip will be as rich and enjoyable as possible. And most importantly, you will be sure that the trip will be as pleasant as possible.