Transfers from Munich to Seefeld

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The Austrian commune Seefeld in Tirol is known for the ski resort of Seefeld. Many times the Olympic Games were held here (1964 and 1976). In 2019, the World Ski Championships will again take place, as in 1985. These events confirm that the slopes in Seefeld are of a decent standard. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of children and beginners: many schools and training centers.

Seefeld is a typical Tyrolean village surrounded by the mountains of Wetterstein and Karlwendel. However, there are several five-star hotels and all the necessary infrastructure on the territory.

There are 2 airports (Memmingen and Augsburg) not far from Munich that serve low-costers, so the Munich-Seefeld route is in high demand. The distance between Munich and Seefeld is 125 kilometers.

Ways to get from Munich to Seefel:

By bus 1 hours 55 minutes
If you decide to get to Seefeld by yourself, the following information will be helpful. Bus №040 FlixBus company departs from the Munich central bus station every 4 hours. However, if you arrive with your equipment, then it will not be possible to place it in a filled transport.
By train 1 hours 55 minutes
There are no direct flights by train, except for night flights. In the afternoon, the Deutsche Bahn trains follow the Munich Hauptbahnhof Main Station. Trains RB, RE, R run every 3 hours. The journey time by rail will be about 1 hour 20 minutes. Then go out to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. You can get to the winter resort of the same name from here, and change to the REX train. The journey takes 44 minutes. In this rout, the train runs only 5 times a week.
By rented car from 1 hours 30 minutes
When planning to explore the city and visit the sights in them, rent a car with a driver. At you will find many offers from carriers in the selected region.
By transfer 1 hours 30 minutes
To get to comfort from the place of rest, it is best to book a transfer on The driver will meet you at the specified place, help you carry your oversized luggage and take you without a transfer to Seefeld. In the application indicate the type of transport (minivan, minibus, etc.) and in the comments indicate your luggage (skis, snowboards).

To leave a memorable holiday, think over all the details of the trip: up to the ways of traveling around the city.