Transfer in Nur-Sultan(Astana)

Nur-Sultan(Astana) a modern-day metropolis in the historic lands of Central Asia. The former president Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to move the government administration to Astana so it became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997. The renaming of the city to Nur-Sultan happened recently in 2019.

How to get to Nur-Sultan(Astana)? The international airport Nursultan Nazarbayev named after the former president is only 16km away from the city. You can take a bus or a taxi. In order to save time and energy you can book a transfer, the driver will meet you in the terminal and carry your suitcases to the car, saving you from looking for a bus stop or waiting in line for a cab.

What sights to visit in Nur-Sultan? The HOP-ON HOP-OFF double deckers can take you around the city on an audio guided tour. It goes around in circles and takes about two hours. To freely commute around the city we recommend to hire a driver with a car.

One of the “need to visit” places is the Baiterek tower- the monument to the new capital. On top of the 100 meter tower rests a giant golden globe symbolizing a sun. The observation deck inside of it provides the view of the the Ishim river scenery. At the center of the deck you can see a handprint of the former president, every day, a lot of people stand in line to touch it and make a wish.

Another monument and an architectural masterpiece is the Nur Alem pavillion. The giant building is shaped like Sphere with another observation deck at the top. Being 80 meters in diameter it became a home for The Future Energy Museum — 8 floors of different exhibits. Two giant noiseless air generators are installed at the top of the building making it eco-friendly and one of the smart buildings of the future.

The city is divided in the middle by the river Ishim. Naturally, riverboat tours allow to capture the modern sceneries of Astana: the skyscrapers of government offices, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, National Library Of The First President. These tours are available in summer.

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment center was built in the center of the city specifically to indulge the shopaholic needs of locals and visitors. Designed by the renown UK architect Norman Foster this 127 thousand m² shopping center was put into the World Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest tentlike structure.

In the heart of the city you can find the oceanarium and the ferris wheel located at Ailand entertainment center. The 65-meter ferris wheel has has 35 cabins, it is the largest in the country. 3 mil. liters of saltwater of the oceanarium is a home to multiple exotic species from around the globe. Here you can learn a lot about the ocean and its inhabitants.

A unique marvel in the steppe of Central Asia. The modern metropolis Nur-Sultan offers its beauty and culture for true adventurers.