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When you arrive at the airport, you don’t want to spend money on expensive taxi cabs, wait for a bus and carry your luggage. If you prefer to travel with comfort and value your time, book the transfer in Kuwait. On you can offer your price. Travel with benefits, think about the expenditures and enjoy your trip to a hot country.

Kuwait is the country which is situated on the Arab Peninsula. Several years ago some items of the 5th century BC were found on its territory and therefore indicated that this country had the ancient history. These artefacts are now in the National Historical Museum of Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait. You can visit this museum during the open hours from 10.00 to 17.00. Kuwait is very attractive for tourists: its coast is washed by the Persian Gulf and therefore available for beach rest all year round.

Kuwait City was the town of merchants and bedouins in the last century. Nowadays it is an economic, cultural and recreational centre for the entire country. Hotels are built near ancient palaces and mosques, supermarkets neighbour with bazaars where you can try eastern cuisine. The traditional Islamic architecture is combined with contemporary-styled buildings in the. Renting a car with a driver in Kuwait you will have the possibility to visit different places of the country and see the real life of the locals.

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In Kuwait tourists usually go to the Sief Palace, the Kuwait Towers - the highest skyscrapers in the country - and the Musical Fountain Park. Travellers prefer to spend the holiday in such famous resorts as Jahra and Khiran, enjoy diving, windsurfing and falconry. Use the passengers transport services in Kuwait to visit the well-known park Kuwait Entertainment City. The Cave of Ali Baba and the Palace of Sinbad have many amusing rides and attractions and will be interesting for kids and adults.

Hire the transfer in Kuwait is a perfect alternative for public transport and expensive taxi cabs. An experienced and qualified driver who knows the shortest ways will bring you to a destination point.

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