Get Transfer in Lebanon

Transfer in Lebanon is a service of land travel which helps save time and money. No matter what airport you arrive at, the driver will quickly take you to your destination.

The Lebanese Republic is an Arab state in the Middle East with Israel and Syria as neighbors. Every aspect of local life like history, culture and exotic atmosphere is interesting for the tourist. Add sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, comfortable climate and quite developed infrastructure. Voila! You get a perfect and activities-intensive vacation in a warm country. The trump card of Lebanon is the Kadisha Valley. According to local legends, the Noah Ark was built from the Lebanese Cedar.

The capital of Beirut is also called the Mediterranean Switzerland. The growth of local banks is as steady and growing as the local economy’s. This european-like modern city preserved the ancient architecture and mosques in harmony with the modern ones. For instance, the Place of L’Etoile shines with boutiques skyscrapers na brasseries. The famous Jeita Grotto is located near the capital. This 8th Wonder is worth visiting, as well as other natural sights of Beirut : mount Harissa with the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon and Pigeon Rocks.

Another interesting place is Biblos which is more than 7000 years old. You can reach the city by public transport or by passenger transfer services in Lebanon. While walking on the old city streets, you can see the Greek theatre, Phoenician temple, Ottoman citadels and other important cultural objects and locations. Cities of Sidon and Tyre are also rich in ancient buildings like Roman hippodromes, forums, temple ruins, etc.

Sightseeing aside, the city can offer modern activities too: world-famous night clubs, gorgeous restaurants and complex tours. Booking a car with a driver in Lebanon allows to go on a self-planned tour without the guide or tourist crowds.

Typical climate of Lebanon is subtropical and Mediterranean. Because of that you can go on a resort vacation in summer or in September ( when temperature is still about +30 °C) while in spring and winter it’s better to stick to the sightseeing tour.

Any curious or quality-seeking tourist would enjoy travelling in Lebanon. Order a transfer in Lebanon and travel with comfort!