Transfer to Beirut

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the country's main port. In the middle of the XX century, after the war destruction, the city was rebuilt, retaining the oriental flavor and atmosphere of past centuries.

How to get to Beirut? Rafic Hariri International Airport is located 8.5 kilometers from the center. Public transport to the city does not go, so you can take a taxi. Drivers often overestimate prices by 2-3 times, and you will know the final cost only at the end of the trip. Book your transfer to Beirut through to calculate the budget of the trip and not save on travel.

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, located on the Mediterranean coast. It is the largest city in the country, where many sights of the XIII – XIX centuries are preserved. In the old city there is the XIII century Al-Omari Grand Mosque, the Amir-Assaf, Amir-Munzer and Majidiyya mosques are a little further, decorated with colored mosaics and skillful stained glass windows. There are the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. George and the Catholic Church of St. Louis.

Stroll through the medieval ruins of the city fortifications and climb the clock tower of the XV century. In the castle of Gran Gray, once belonged to the Crusaders, is now the Turkish government. You can get inside if you book an excursion in advance. In the area of ​​Solider many colonial architecture has been preserved. The Catholic Cathedral of Saints Elias and Gregory the Illuminator towers in the central square of Place d’Etoile.

For the sake of natural attractions, it is worth going to the Pigeon Rock, towering directly into the sea 5 kilometers from the coast, or to visit the Horsh-Beirut coniferous forest.

Lebanon is an Arab country where Islam is considered the main religion. However, local beaches are allowed to sunbathe and swim in swimsuits, although some city women prefer to come to the beach in burkini, special closed suits. Travelers prefer to relax on the beaches of Rafiq Hariri, where there is all the necessary infrastructure. On the territory there are sun loungers, sun umbrellas and equipment rental for diving.

Residents move on bicycles and buses connecting the center with distant areas. There is no clear timetable and stops. Tourists should follow their example local or rent a car with a driver in Beirut to move freely in the city and surrounding area. Each trip is unique and unique. Travel with pleasure!