Transfer to Sidon(Sayda)

If you are fed up with beach holidays in Asian countries, go to the Mediterranean coast. For example, in Sidon. Here you can enjoy the flowering of citrus trees, visit banana groves and arrange an improvised swimming competition among friends.

How to get to Saida? The city doesn’t have an airport, so travelers arrive here from Beirut. The distance takes 40 kilometers. It is necessary to make several transplants. First, take a shuttle to the city, to the Kola station, and from there take the Zantout buses. Opening hours: daily from 06:00 to 21:00. The journey takes more than 40 minutes. If you are traveling in a large company and arrives early in the morning or at night, we recommend booking a transfer to Sidon (Side) in advance through the service

Sidon or, as it is also called by the locals, Saida is the third largest city of Lebanon, located on the Mediterranean coast. This is one of the largest ports in the country and the former trading capital, which emerged in the X century BC. Tourists come here to learn diving, surfing, sea fishing and see the ancient ruins of Phenicia in a relaxed atmosphere.

For 40 kilometers between Sidon and the neighboring town of Sur, clean sandy beaches run where locals and travelers like to relax. The entrance to the water is flat, coral reefs are located 5-6 kilometers from the descent, so you can go barefoot into the sea and not be afraid to get hurt.

Be sure to stroll through the city, in the center of which there are many interesting sights. Walk along the narrow streets of Old Sidon, where Khan el-Franj or the Hotel of Foreigners are located, an excellent example of the architecture of the XVII century inn. Admire the tiers of picturesque arches and the interior of the building. Here is the palace of Debbana XVIII century. Its walls are tiled with hand-painted tiles and the floors are with cedar parquet. Inside are preserved interior items, costumes and decorations of the Mamaluk dynasty. On the site of the former soap factory now opened the Museum of soap. Guides will tell you about the intricacies of the manufacture of hygiene products now and how it was done several centuries ago. Guests can take part in a master class and prepare soap on their own under the guidance of an experienced teacher. We recommend visiting the mosques of Omari and the Bab el-Saray of the XIII century. Hire a car with a driver in Sidon to see the surrounding area or go for a walk in the rainforest.

What is it to move about? Taxi is the main form of public transport, which is used by local. If you need to get to the airport, nearby city or hotel, book a transfer. It will be cheaper and faster. You can choose the type of car, and know in advance the cost of the trip. Enjoy your holiday!