Transfer in Bendery

Moldova has no sea access but still can attract tourists with its history, cultural heritage and nature. One of the most important cities is Bendery. It’s the largest port of Dniestr.

Bendery do not have an airport but there is one in Odessa and Kishinev. From there you can take a bus or a train to Bendery. It’s 61 km from Kishinev and 115 km from Odessa. The fastest way to get to Bendery is a transfer. If you do not want to adapt to the local schedule, it’s your best option.

The main landmark of the city is the Bendery Keep, which was built in the XVI century. Inside you can find the alley with the busts of famous commanders, the monument to the legendary Baron Munchausen. There are also two rooms with the exhibitions of the keep history and torture.

What else there is to see in Bendery? All the tourist attractions are in the city center. There are many XIX-XX centuries buildings, some of them built in Ottoman style and some of them - in Stalin. Be sure to visit the Culture Palace of Pavel Tkachenko and Gorky cinema. Finally, take a Motor ship ride around Dniestr.

The weather in Bendery is favorable for walks. There are many sunny days and it rains rarely. If you are a fan of walking, be sure to visit local churches. Book a transfer in Bendery to quickly travel between the landmarks.