Transfer in Myanmar

Myanmar is a small country situated in South-East Asia. Until 1989 the state had another name and local people call it Burma up to now. The southern part of Myanmar connects with the Bay of Bengal that is why it is popular for beach tourism and maritime logistics. Nevertheless, Myanmar began to invite a lot of tourists not so long ago.

Passengers’ transportation services are in high demand in Myanmar as the most part of the locals speak Burmese and Chinese languages. Book a transfer in Myanmar to avoid the language barrier.

In compared with neighbouring countries Thailand and Bangladesh, there are not so many tourists. Resorts are the best place to start travelling there. For instance, Ngwesaung has an excellent beach 15 kilometres long. Inle Lake and the Jumping Cat Monastery (Nga Hpe Kyaung) are famous places there. Monks school cats in this monastery. Most of the travellers buy tours to Ngapali: there are 5-star hotels, restaurants with local cuisine and fascinating places along the snow-white coast.

Nature and modern buildings combine in perfect harmony in other cities located in forests and mountain areas of the country: towers of ancient Buddhist temples rise above the tops of trees. The biggest city of the country is the former capital Yangon. The administrative centre was changed several times in Myanmar. Naypyidaw has become the capital since 2005 and it has developed fast. People use cars and motorbikes to ride around the city. Car rental with a driver will allow you to see and visit as many sights as possible in Myanmar.

See also: Mrauk U, Bagan, Mandalay.

Transfer in Myanmar is the most comfortable way to get to the city from any airport in the country. If you are going to visit resorts in Asia, go to Myanmar. There are low prices and not so many tourists.