Transfer in Hague

The Hague is the juridical capital of the world, according to the locals. All the important assemblies, including the UN one, are located here. It is the administrative center of the country and its main pride.

It is quite easy to get to The Hague. It is only 20 km away from the Rotterdam airport and 41 km from Amsterdam. The transport communication between cities is very well established. If you want to save time, book a transfer from the airport and travel comfortably to the Hague hotel. If you use transfer service, you can also get to the Hague from Belgium, Germany and France.

When planning a trip, keep the weather in mind. If you arrive in February, August or November,you encounter heavy rainfall. The temperature in summer is +25 °C and +4 °C in winter.

Start your trip to the Hague with the Carnegie Square and the Peace Palace which serves as headquarters for the UN and the Arbitration court. The project of the building was proposed in 1899 by the Russian Emperor, was funded by the American entrepreneur and the blueprints were created by French architect. The building incorporated the features of many countries participating in the UN. After that visit Binnenhof where the XIII parliament building stands. Also, the Maurizheis museum with the large arts collection is nearby.

Locals love to spend time in parks. One of them, Sheveningen, has the Madurodam miniatures park and you can see the copies of the most unusual and original Dutch houses.

When satisfied with the Netherlands, travel around the country. Visit Rotterdam and Utrecht. For that, you would need a car. You can book a car with a driver in our service. You can book it for just a few hours or a few days.