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Vladikavkaz is a city located in southern Russia in the central part of the North Caucasus. It is located on the coast of the Terek River and is surrounded by the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Tourists are attracted by amazing nature, the opportunity to visit ski resorts and go skiing, ancient monuments of architecture and hospitality of local residents.

The unique appearance of Vladikavkaz is created by Orthodox churches and mosques. Especially brightly their domes shine in clear weather. On Armenian Street towers the Cathedral of St. George is one of the main spiritual buildings in the city. Over a hundred years ago, a Sunni mosque was built in the center of the city. The height of its minarets exceeds 30 meters. The architectural ensemble is characterized by an abundance of decorative elements: the walls are decorated with stars and flowers.

There are many interesting monuments in the city: the commander Issa Pliev, the writer Mikhail Bulgakov and the cat Behemoth, an Ossetian deity who patronizes the soldiers.

The National Museum holds over 300 exhibits. You will learn how Vladikavkaz developed, how local people lived and what they used in everyday life, what kind of jewelry and clothes they wore. Here is a unique collection of bladed weapons. Free excursions are held on weekends.

If you want to see the natural sights of the North Caucasus, rent a car with a driver. We recommend to visit the Kadargavansky canyon, Zeygelan waterfall. The total height of its cascades reaches 700 meters. At 86 kilometers is the ski resort “Tsey”. From the center of Vladikavkaz you will reach in just 1.5 hours.

Bus and tram is a popular form of public transport in Vladikavkaz. Every day, more than 40 route lines run from the center to distant areas and vice versa. Opening hours from 6:30 to 22:30. In the city there are auto and railway stations. Trains and trains run on a schedule.

Shuttle service is an indispensable service for travelers, especially when traveling long distances. Book a transfer to Vladikavkaz on the site if you plan to visit also resort towns: Jeyrah, Stepantsminda and others.