Transfer from Barcelona to Girona

Every city in Spain requires special tourist attention. Knowing about Barcelona in full and having felt its Catalan spirit it is worth to visit Girona immediately.

In this small town, foreign guests go with great pleasure. In addition to the standard visits to excursions, you can buy in local shops and relax on the coast. Girona is on a hill: on the one hand, you can see the river Ter, and the sea, on the other hand.

Since Girona is the capital of the province of the same name, there are no problems with transport. The distance between Girona and Barcelona is 100 kilometers.

Способы добраться из Барселоны в Жирону:

By bus -
There are no direct bus routes. The easiest way to take advantage of the railway: the train goes both from El Prat airport, and from the capital of Catalonia.
By Train 1 hour 30 minutes
There are 2 ways to get Girona: from the station de Sants (every 2 hours) and de Gracia (every 30-60 minutes). At the station de Gracia, the most advantageous thing is to sit on those that are marked in the timetable "MD". This means that the route will be shortened. You can find out the schedule on the websites of transport companies Trenes and Renfe in advance. There are no night trains.
By rented car about 2 hours
Rent a car on It is worth to use transport for tourists.
By transfer about 2 hours
The most convenient way is to book a transfer. The driver will arrive exactly at the specified place and time: airport, hotel, shopping center or to the beach. You do not have to go to a stop or specially go to the station. So with the final point: the carrier will take you to the specified address. Choose your transfer to