Transfer to Vina del Mar

If you have not gone on a trip for a long time and feel you miss the view from the plane window, choose a new direction for your vacation. We would recommend you to pay attention to one of the resort towns in Chile.

How to get to Vina del Mar? From the air hub to the centre daily Shuttle buses and above-ground subway. The journey time is 50 minutes. Vina del Mar airport is located 20 kilometres from the city. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the road, we recommend renting a car with a driver in Vina del Mar. The carrier will help with heavy Luggage and a quarter of an hour will take you to the city.

The most popular resort in Chile is located on the Pacific coast. The first travellers appeared here at the end of the XIX century when the territory began building luxurious mansions or even palaces. It is a favourite tourist place today where the sun shines all year round.

Vina del Mar is the perfect beach with fine white sand and access to the turquoise water. If you feel like diving or Windsurfing, head to Acapulco beach. There are a few rental types of equipment. In the Northern part, El Norte provides special children's playgrounds. Tourists popular beach Caleta Abarca, next to the Park, is the Floral Clock. There are many cafes, luxury hotels, and souvenir shops.

What to see in Vina del Mar? It is an amazing city where banana trees and palm trees with wide leaves grow in the streets. If you want to learn more about the culture of this country, visit the Museum of fine arts in Vergara castle. Then, go to the City theatre in the square of the same name. There are daily performances: in Spanish and English. The sights of Viña del Mar are not only museums and galleries, but also famous festivals. Since 1959, an international song festival has been held every February. Chilean stars and artists from all over the world perform on the stage of the Verger amphitheatre.

What is more carriageable to move around the city? There is no exact schedule of buses that connect the center with the far area. Tourists use taxi services in Vina del Mar, but trips are more expensive because drivers often twist a price. To avoid such a nuisance, we recommend booking a transfer in advance. Make an individual route and travel with pleasure.