Transfer in New Delhi

India is the cradle of ancient civilizations and the country where Hinduism and Buddhism originated. Its capital, New Delhi, annually attracts more than 9 million tourists. How to get to New Delhi if your plane arrived early in the morning or at night? Book your transfer at The driver will meet you with a sign in the arrivals area and will help bring your luggage.

New Delhi was founded over 5,000 years ago. There are about 60 thousand ancient monuments and attractions. New Delhi is the cultural and scientific center of the country. The most favorable time to visit is from February to April.

Guides start sightseeing at the Gate of India. The memorial complex was built in memory of the heroes of the First World War. In the center of the city is the imperial fortress of the XVII century is Red Fort. The building is made of white marble and is considered the most beautiful in the country.

The Lotus Temple or the House of Faith is a model of modern architecture in the form of a blooming lotus flower. To get acquainted with the history of India, visit the National Museum or the Art Gallery, which presents the best works of local artists.

Most locals prefer to move in the subway. It consists of 8 route lines that cross central areas. Opening hours from 05:30 to 23:30. Buses are of two types: private and public. The second are equipped with air conditioning and armchairs. The cost of the trip is more expensive for 10-12 rupees than in a regular bus. At stops there is no exact schedule, sometimes you have to wait up to 30 minutes. If you want to feel like a local resident, use the motor-kicks, a covered three-wheeled motorcycle.

Traffic in New Delhi is intense and chaotic, many carriers don't follow the rules of the road. Rent a car with a driver is suitable for those tourists who appreciate a comfortable and safe stay. Experienced carriers are well oriented on the streets of the city.

In the capital of India, traffic jams are very common. To avoid them and not to be late for the flight, we recommend booking a transfer to New Delhi through the service Professional drivers know the short routes and quickly deliver to their destination. In addition, on the website you can choose the class of car that is ideal for the purpose of your trip.