Transfer to Montego Bay

Go to Montego Bay to meet the sunrises and sunsets on the Caribbean sea, learn how to drive a wakeboard or conquer the next wave. This is the best place to stay in Jamaica, where the temperature rarely drops below +25 °C.

If you do not know how to get to Montego Bay, use the Shuttle service. The driver will meet you at the arrival area and help you to carry your luggage. The way to the city center will be no more than 15 minutes. Buses and minibusses from Jamaica tours run daily to the city center. The schedule can be found on the official website of the transport company.

Montego Bay is a famous resort with Paradise landscapes and at the same time the capital of St. James County of the North coast of Jamaica. Here is the eponymous port, where go cruise liners, luxury yachts, merchant ships, and boats. Many popular tourist destinations to the nearby Islands start from here. Come to enjoy a relaxed holiday on the beach in Montego Bay: scuba diving, Snorkelling or freediving.

Tourists and locals often relax walking along the embankments of Doctors cave and Walter Fletcher with the same amusement Park. Travelers appreciate these beaches, as there is fine white sand, tall palm trees, in the shade of which you can hide from the sun and a nice descent into the water. In the Park, there are special pools with water from mineral springs, so guests can relax.

What can you see in Montego Bay? The resorts are known for its luxury hotels, beaches, and busy nightlife. If you prefer a traditional tour of the city, we recommend you to go for a walk to the Blue Mountains or rafting on the black river. Nature and the luxurious city promenade are the main attractions of Montego Bay.

There are many diving and surfing centers downtown. There are excellent Golf courses in the surrounding area. Everyone can learn this ancient game. The main thing is not to be afraid and try new things. To get to these sports and entertainment complexes, we recommend renting a car with a driver in Montego Bay. You will save time and be able to plan your route.

While visiting the resort, you should know that public transport is not here. We recommend booking a transfer in advance, as a taxi to Montego Bay is expensive.

Plan your vacation carefully and then your emotions will be brighter and richer. Explore the world with pleasure!