Transfer in Minsk

Want to learn about eastern Slavs? See familiar letters “Я, И, У” but cannot read them? Come visit Belarus and its capital Minsk. The plane will land at the international airport Minsk which is 40 kilometres away from the city. You can take a bus or a shuttle to reach the central bus station in the city. The journey takes an hour without traffic. To get where you need faster book a transfer in Minsk. You can ask for an English speaking driver that will help you with your luggage.

The main sights of Minsk could be divided into two groups. The new ones, built since 1950 and the old ones pre XX century. This city was rebuilt after the nazi bombings during the Second World War and the Soviets had to make a lot of changes since it was destroyed.

Praspiekt Niezaležnasci is the main street that cuts the city in half. Go on a walking tour and take pictures of the Stalin Empire style, like the Gates of Minsk. Two giant buildings symbolize the entrance to the city and look like towers of a giant fort. Passing through the Plošča Pobedy make note of the 31 corner building, Lee Harvey Oswald — the infamous Kennedy killer lived here during his immigration years.

The main Symbol of the XXI century Minsk is the National Library at Plošča Niezaležnasci. It is 70-metres high and built in the shape of a diamond with an observation deck on top. Visiting hours are from noon to 10.30 pm.

The historical centre of Minsk is called Vierchni Horad (Upper Town). All the historical and architectural monuments of XVII-XIX centuries are there: the Holy Spirit Cathedral, Town Hall, and The Virgin Mary Cathedral. Late spring and summer is the time to go on long walks and explore the city. Here in Upper Town a lot of streets become pedestrian in summer. In winter you can find a lot of street markets here.

Need to buy souvenirs visit GUM or TSUM these are the shops that are operating since Soviet Union. You can find all the brands here and also some local goods.

The subway is the easiest way to get around town. All the sights are in walking distance from subway stations. After hours you can take a cab to get around. To visit some sights outside the city hire a car with a driver in Minsk. You can go to Nesviz a town 140 kilometres outside Minsk to see the XVI century Castle with a moat and cannons. A lot of buildings in this town survived since the days of Rech Pospolita (Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth). You can easily spend a day walking around this town.

To get to know the Belarus culture you might want to spend more than a few days here. Be sure to visit other interesting cities to learn more.