Transfer in Neum

If you want to have a quiet vacation in the Adriatic you should travel to Neum. It is the only access to Bosnia and Herzegovina to the sea. The shoreline is just 25km, of which the only 6km are beaches but it is more than enough for a quiet and calm vacation on the seaside.

Neum is somewhat separated from the rest of the country. There is no airport in Neum, the closest ones are located in Mostar and Dubrovnik in Croatia. From there you can travel by bus or train. The fastest way to travel would be a transfer, especially if you arrive in Dubrovnik. The driver will meet you at the airport and deliver you to the seaside in just an hour.

The weather in Neum is very pleasant for the tourists. The rain is rare in summer and Neum is protected from strong winds by the mountainous terrain. It is the warmest place in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What can you see in Neum? The main activity is the beach vacation, of course. There are many hotels and restaurants. Tourists sunbathe by day and take long walks by night. They can also do diving, water skiing or fishing.

The bay of Neum is the place to grow mussels. It is possible to visit a mussel farm. The owner of the farm delivers the visitors on his own ship. You can witness the whole process of mussels growing and cooking.

The old community of Neum used to live inland, not on the shore. Due to this, all the monuments are also located inland. we suggest visiting the Zavichayni museum in Hutovo village which holds a number of ancient artifacts, including the Roman Empire ones. There is also the sanctum of Mary the Heaven Queen and ancient Zavala monastery.

The local nature is also peculiar. You can find one of the biggest natural caves of the country, Vetrenica, nearby, as well as Hutovo park and Popovo field. Unfortunately, there are little to no touristic routes around these landmarks. Organize a trip yourself and book a transfer with a driver in Neum and travel around the country.