Transfer in Nicosia

Niсosia is the capital of two countries at the same time, Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus Island. The city is separated into two parts by a wall, that was built on the main trading street called Ledra. It began to gradually demount In 2008. Niсosia is the only large city on the island, that is located not on the seashore, but in the Mesaoria valley. The weather in Nicosia depends on the proximity of the mountains. Rainfall amount and the average temperature in winter is lower than at sea.

How to get to Nicosia? The Airport of Nicosia doesn’t work from 1974 — after the invasion of Turkish troops and splitting the island. However, in the Northern part, there is a semi-legal runway, which takes place out of Turkey and Azerbaijan. There is 49 km from the nearest Airport of Larnaca. You can get there by bus, shuttle or private transfer. The driver will meet you and help with luggage. If you go on a vacation with a big company or with children — this choice may be the most comfortable because you will be taken straight to the hotel.

From Nicosia you can reach the sea but in the capital of Cyprus, there are many interesting sights. The city is a stunning neighbourhood of two different cultures and religions divided into two countries. You can meet the heritage of Asia and Europe at the same time. The history of Nicosia started more than 3 000 years ago. The settlement has been called Ledra as the main street. However, the earthquake destroyed ancient city-state, on the site of which was built a new polis — Leukon (Lefkosia). People know it as Niсosia. Now there are Residence of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, the Archbishop's Palace and the largest banks.

In the historical centre, due to lots of sightseeing, some tourists call Nicosia the Open Air Museum. If you have little time and you want to see a lot, you can rent a car with a driver in Nicosia and make up your route through the archaeological sites of the settlement. It is worth to visit defensive bastions, the Venetian fortress wall, Gothic Hagia Sophia. Moreover, ancient exhibits can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus, and relatively new ones — in the Gallery of Modern Art.

Most of the tourists come on daily trips. Due to the distance from the sea, there is not such a big amount of guests even in high season. For this reason, hotels in Nicosia are affordable for their prices so you can book good apartments favourably.

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