Transfer from Lyon to Courchevel

Courchevel is located on the French Alps ski resort, synonymous with words of luxury and wealth. It takes a leading place in sports tourism for a long time. The place is popular among businessmen and politicians.

The point on the map "Courchevel" includes 3 villages, which is located at different heights. The most expensive hotels and restaurants are at the level of 1850 meters. There are villages with an "average" check at 1550 metres and 1650 metres. And the prices are quite acceptable at 1300 metres, in Le Praz. The resort has 102 trails, a total length of 150 kilometers.

The nearest airports to Courchevel are in Geneva, Paris, Lyon and Nice. If you are arriving in Lyon, this information will be useful to you.

Ways to get from Lyon to Courchevel:

By plane 40 minutes
There is an airport in Courchevel, so the quickest way to get from Lyon is by plane. On you can leave a request for a private air transfer.
By bus 3 hours 40 minutes
There are no direct routes. From Lyon from the Perrache Bus station buses runs several times a day. The station Mountiers will have to reach about 2.5 hours. After that, you need to change the train in the direction of Courchevel 1850. You will wait for the next train about 3 hours. The second half of the journey will take 70 minutes. If you travel with equipment, this method will not be the most successful.
By train 4 hours 5 minutes
The train will have to go with three transplants. With Lyon Part Dieu, trains run every hour to Chambery-Challes-E, from here you have to change again to Montier. Next, you need to make a transfer to the train in Courchevel, as in the previous route. In each train it is necessary to go about 1,5 hours. This is not the most convenient way.
By transfer 2 hours 30 minutes
Transfer from Lyon to Courchevel is a great way to admire the view outside on the way to the mountains. You do not have to change transport, both on public transport, and spend money on a private jet. The route will take about 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions.

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