Transfer in Sliema

If you want to spend your vacation in Malta it would be a great idea to choose Sliema! Try to book a hotel room in advance, purchase plane and tour tickets. To get to the city from the airport, use our service for booking a transfer and save not only time but also money on traveling.

There is only a single air gate in Malta. You can reach Sliema from the airport via a shuttle, the road takes about 40 minutes. If you are not fond of buses, you can catch a taxi near an airport or call one through the app. We advise you to book a transfer as it is reliable and much cheaper. Our drivers always know the short way to your destination.

The main landmark of Sliema is the long and wide promenade. All the city’s infrastructure is built around it. Some of the best hotels in Malta stand along the shore. It is a luxurious resort for a calm and leisurely vacation. Moreover, Sliema in Malta is a major shopping center. You will be pleased with a large assortment of goods from various local shops and boutiques.

What else to see in Sliema. There are no museums in the city but there are many beautiful churches. For example, The Gothic Church of God’s Mother form the Carmel Mountain. This glorious building towering over the bay is very picturesque. Also, be sure to visit The Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea. The building may seem typical on the outside but inside many art masterpieces are preserved. Plan a dinner in the tower of St.Julian, where a restaurant with a majestic view is located.

The weather in Sliema is rarely bad, there are no freezings and it rains only from November to February. Chances are you won’t have a single overcast day if you go to Sliema in summer.

The Sliema is located in an excellent spot on the map. All the cities in Malta flow into one another to some degree. For instance, when walking around the promenade, you can suddenly find yourself in St.Julian’s as it only 3km away from Sliema. To add variety to your vacation, rent a car and go to Valetta or other cities - it will be much faster than walking. All the settlements are rather small and each one requires only a day to fully explore. Travel more and get new experience from the rides!