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If you want to see the northern lights and feel the real Russian winter, then this doesn't necessarily go somewhere far. The port city of Murmansk is located in the north-western part of Russia. This amazing place attracts more than a million tourists a year.

The administrative and cultural center of the Murmansk region is located along the Kola Bay. Until 1917 there was a base of icebreaking fleet. From December 2 to January 10, the polar night lasts in Murmansk, so it brightens only by 2-3 hours. The rest of the time is dark. A rare natural phenomenon appears in the sky: due to the refraction of light, one can see the reflection of two or three suns.

Many travelers visit the city for the sake of the northern lights, which lasts from October to April. Travel agencies specially arrange trips so that tourists can admire this amazing natural phenomenon. Weather in Murmansk at this time drops to -35C.

There is no official historical center in the city. The main cultural and entertainment events take place at the Five Corners Square. Most of the buildings were built only in the second half of the XX century. There are many monuments in Murmansk. For example, monuments to the first Russian icebreaker "Ermak" and the memorials of the "Green Cape" rise on the embankment. We recommend visiting the atomic icebreaker “Lenin”: during the excursion you can be inside the cabin. In the southern part of the city built the church of Trifon of Pechenga and the Cathedral.

A popular public transport in Murmansk is a bus. Daily from 06:30 to 22:00 flights connect the center with distant areas and suburbs. Also in the center go trolley buses. Routes number 54 and number 125 go around the whole city.

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