Transfer to the airport for Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan airport only accepts domestic flights as opposed to DULLES Airport (the exception is the aircraft from Canada). Geographically, it also belongs to Washington, the distance to the center of which is only 6.5 kilometers. The opening of the airport took place in 1941, but the name in honor of the 40th President of the United States he was given only in 1998 If you arrive from another state, book a transfer to Reagan airport.

Advantages of the service
  1. Public transport, in particular buses, runs with stops. And on the transfer you will get much faster.
  2. < li>Drivers know the short route and will go around traffic jams.
  3. You will reach the final destination without changing by car with a driver but the shuttle or subway.
  4. If you will find a cheaper transfer in the same direction, we will refund you the difference*.
  5. The service has a loyalty program. Save up bonuses and get a discount.

Passenger traffic is about 18 million per year. This airport is chosen because of its close location to the capital. There are three terminals: A, B, C. Enter to the waiting rooms for low-cost travelers is paid. From the last two terminals through the ground floor, you can get to the metro station. It is very convenient. From sector A to metro airport shuttle bus goes. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants throughout the airport, as well as free Wi-Fi.

How to get to Washington from Ronald Reagan? In addition to underground transport, also buses run. Bus stops №13F and №13G are located at the exit of the airport on the upper tier. If you want comfort and worry-free to reach your destination, book a transfer on the The service will find the best cost and conditions of the offer for you.