Transfer to Dusseldorf airport

The Dusseldorf international airport is located near the city with the same name. It serves 175 destinations in 50 countries. Every day the hub sends flights to European cities and resorts. It is the third largest air hub in Germany. There was a record number of people in 2015: more than 22 million passed through the air gates. If you are going to visit Dusseldorf or will be in transit, book a transfer from Dusseldorf airport on So, you will comfortably get to the city and will not waste time searching for stops and taxis.

Why tourists choose
  1. Quality service. The carrier meets you in the arrival area, helps to carry your baggage to the car and makes a short route to the place of arrival.
  2. Reasonable prices. The service works on the marketplace model: drivers offer their cost, and you choose the best price.
  3. Choose your car class. No matter what is reason why would you have book a transfer You can find easy passenger car and limousine, minivan and even a helicopter.
  4. Trust. The transfer will arrive even where there is no public transport and where taxis do not come.
  5. Saving miles. With each trip you get bonuses, which can be spent on the transfer.*

Dusseldorf Airport is a completely modernized and high-tech complex. Departure and arrival takes place in terminals A (local airlines), B (Europe) and C (countries outside the Schengen area). The sectors are connected by passages and are located in the same building. The whole system at the airport is so well established and stable that the baggage claim area is never queues as well as at the check-in counters.

All the necessary infrastructure at the airport is: Duty Free, cafes and restaurants, games and rooms for mothers and children, medical center and much more.

How to get from Dusseldorf airport to the city center? The distance between them is only 9.5 kilometers. It can be quickly overcome in any form of transport. Bus stops and the Düsseldorf Flughafen railway station are at the exit from the main airport hall. The most interesting way is monorail SkyTrain, which runs to the station Fernbahnhof. You can buy tickets and get on the train through terminal C.

The most popular form of transportation from the airport to the city, and vice versa, is a transfer. This passenger service is in great demand among foreign guests, holiday makers and large groups of people. Transfer is convenient way to get from A to B. Travel together with!