Transfer to Bari


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Bari is a cozy Italian town on the shores of the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea. In summer, the capital Puglia region turns into a real seaside resort: the weather promotes a beach holiday, and the season of local fruits and vegetables makes this place especially attractive for gourmets. The airport is not here, so you will have to get from Rome, Florence or Naples. Planning a vacation and don't know how to get to Bari? We recommend you to use the service

Bari was surrounded by a fortress wall, but for the expansion of the city part was demolished for the “new district» in 1819. Since then, the city has been divided into two parts: Bari Vecchia and Bari Murattiana. The historical part is located on the Peninsula. Almost every building here is a landmark, and there are about 30 churches. To get around this area completely, you need to move along the walls.

The symbol of old Bari Is the Church of St. Nicholas and the Basilica of St. Nicholas. The Orthodox Church was built only in the 19th century, and the Basilica-in the 11th century. That is why pilgrims come to the city all year round. Of the architectural structures worth noting more Castello Svevo, Palazzo Zizi, Cathedral and others.

Bari is also called the cultural capital of southern Italy. The new district has a historical Museum, art gallery, several theatres and a library. Straight streets with modern buildings, squares with fountains and numerous Park areas – this is the whole of Bari Murattiana.

Bari is not only a visit to excursions. Along the coastline there are many beaches where you can sunbathe, swim in the azure waters, go diving or rent a yacht.

As Souvenirs, as in other Italian cities, buy wine and olive oil, cheese and butter. Usually tourists go to the local market to save money: the stores are much more expensive.

The transport system of the city is quite developed: there is one metro line and more than 40 bus routes. There are bus and railway stations. Taxis are usually ordered by phone or via the Internet. It is best to see the sights on foot or by bike: the city is small, and the walk will bring only pleasure. If you prefer to travel by car, we recommend to rent a car with a driver The driver will arrive at the specified location, will Park vehicles and wait for you. You can pay for every hour and daily.