Transfer in Brașov

Transylvania is the most famous region in Romania and the historical motherland of Count Dracula. Brașov is the main cultural centre of Transylvania and the most touristic city of Romania despite the other fast-developing towns.

The airport of the city is building now but there are lots of ways to get to Brașov. You can go by bus from Bucharest to this town or use a train from the North Railway Station. You can also go by train from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to get to Brașov. If you travel with friends or a big family and you need to do it with comfort, it is worth to book a transfer.

If you are planning to go to Brașov by public transport, you will find yourselves on the central railway station Gara Brasov. If you want to get to the historical centre, you need to go by bus №4. You can go to the centre by walking that takes 45 minutes or use taxi services. Taxi in Brașov is a popular way of transfer around the town.

What to see in Brașov? Start with the largest medieval temple of south-eastern Europe — Biserica Neagră or Black Church which is situated near the square of the city council (Piața Sfatului). Climb the tower and you will discover the panorama view of the city.

The main sight of Transylvania is Bran Castle also known as Count Dracula’s Castle. In addition, there is the Horror Castle which children and adults will definitely like. You need to visit the village Bran due to its amazing views and the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. If you want to enjoy Transylvanian landscapes with no worries and fuss, book a transfer with a driver in Brașov in advance.

The weather in Brașov is rainy sometimes. If you are planning to go there in autumn or spring, don’t forget to take umbrellas and raincoats along. In summer, the comfortable weather is about 19 °C in Brașov. Winters are not too cold and the temperature is not less than −6 °C. Moreover, the town becomes popular in winter due to the mountain ski resort season.

If you are interested in shopping in Brașov, you need to go to the street of the Republic with its popular shops or to Coresi Shopping Mall. You will find out not just different shops but also excellent entertainment for your family.

Brașov is the town which is worth to visit. Make your route plan in advance and travel with comfort!