Transfer in Ystad

When preparing for a trip to Sweden, think about all aspects of your trip: book a hotel, choose the most interesting sights. To resolve transport issues, use our service to book a transfer, thus you will not have to come up with complex routes to get to Ystad.

The closest airport to Ystad is Sturup, it is 40 kilometers away. If you decide to use public transport when you arrive at the airport, you will first need to take a train to Malmo to make a change there. There is no direct route between the airport and Ystad. Another airport is Kastrup in Denmark. Trains run from there every half hour. You can also use the transfer services to save time on connections.

There are not many hotels in Ystad, so if you want to go there for the holidays, you should take care of your reservation in advance. Saltsjöbad, the most popular one, is located on the coast. There are swimming pools, a tennis court, a beach full of activities, and a pier for boats to dock.

What to see in Ystad? First of all, the Church of the Virgin Mary — the oldest building not only in the city, but also in the entire region of Scania. Next, visit St. Peter's Church — the national treasure of Sweden. The famous knight Holmger founded the Church in the XIII century as a monastery, and it is one of a kind. In the XVII century, the building dilapidated and a century later a hospital was moved into it, then a brewery and a flour mill. Nowadays it's a Museum of Ystad, among the exhibits there is a XIV century font and 80 XIV-XVIII century tombstones. Be sure to walk around the city center, it has not changed much since the XVII century.

The weather in Ystad is very comfortable for long walks: winter temperature rarely falls below -3°C and summer rarely rises above +20°C. Hire a chauffeur in Ystad for a day to go to the Marsvinsholm mansion. The castle is closed to the public, but the surrounding area is not, you can find fun fairs held there on holidays. In the pre-sunset time Ales Stenar is a very beautiful attraction to visit. These 59 standing boulders, resemble a ship from above. Scientists still argue about the origin and purpose of this "Scandinavian Stonehenge".

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