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The northern capital of Greece is full of contrasts. For many centuries, Thessaloniki was inhabited by different peoples, which couldn’t but affect the development of the city itself. If you are going to visit it you should book a transfer in Thessaloniki on the site

Thessaloniki is a port city located off the coast of the Gulf of Thermaikos Aegean Sea. The second largest in Greece after Athens, it developed under the influence of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman culture. 3000 years ago, the Jewish people settled here, which also left its imprint in the history of the city. UNESCO included the Thessaloniki Center on the World Heritage List. More precisely, they are two, old and new. There are interesting sights in each. Only in the first there are more ancient and in the second there are objects of modern art and architecture.

Acquaintance with the city begins with the White Tower. Previously, prisoners were held here and watched the water boundaries of Thessaloniki. Now inside there is a museum, and from the observation deck you can see the city. Including, to the top of the famous Olympus, the very mountain where according to legend the gods of Ancient Greece lived.

Beautiful buildings of the city of Dion, built in honor of Zeus, Heptapirgion, Byzantine-Ottoman fortress and the most popular museum among the local is Archaeological museum.

An interesting story in religious buildings. The main temple of the city was once the Church of St. Sofia. In the cathedral of St. Nicholas of Orphans this is frescoes of amazing work. St. Dimitry's Basilica was built one of the first and the former temple of Zeus, now Rotunda, almost the same age as the Parthenon.

Public transport in Thessaloniki isn’t as well developed as in Heraklion. There is no metro, it is planned to build and run it by 2020. The main type of transportation is buses and white-blue taxis. The peculiarity of the Greek transport is in one-way traffic. So, many tourists are confused, not understanding that the bus in the opposite direction is traveling along a parallel street. Bicycle rental is not so developed, there is little rent.

The capital of central Macedonia is a city that combines ancient legends and romance of the coast. From the resort, located 15 km from the central railway station, there is a transfer to Thessaloniki airport. It is recommended to book a transfer on, if you do not know how to get from Thessaloniki to the airport. Thanks to this reliable and convenient service you will have pleasant impressions about the trip.