Transfer in Stockholm

If you plan to spend a holiday in Sweden, start discovering the country with Stockholm. This city is popular among tourists that is why it is important to prepare all the arrangements concerning accommodation and transport in advance. Make a transfer request on our website to get the most attractive offer with appropriate price and conditions.

The main airport in Sweden is located 42 km away from Stockholm. You can get there by train, shuttle or bus. Taxi cabs are near the terminal entrances. If you don’t want to look for public transport stations, book a transfer. A driver will meet you in the arrival lounge and take you to the Stockholm hotel with comfort. Moreover, you can also get to the capital by water - cruise ferries go to Stockholm from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

This city is beautiful at any time of the year. You can take pictures of amazing building sides in the summertime and walk around the Christmas fairs and do outdoor activities in winter. Weather in Stockholm is comfortable enough to stay in for a long time. The average air temperature is −5 °C in January and +13 °C in July.

What is interesting in Stockholm? The Swedish capital is located on 14 islands, 3 of which are in the central part. Museum Island that contains more than 80 exhibition centres is attractive for tourists. There you will find unusual exhibitions devoted to mumintrolls and the band ABBA. The most visited exposition is in the Museum of the Vasa ship drown in the XVII century and sailed not even once. The most important sites of Stockholm are situated in the central part of the city - for example, the Royal Palace of a current monarch. Coronations and concerts take place traditionally in Church of St. Nicholas located nearby (there is an organ with 10000 pipes in this church). The magnificent Opera house and Riddarhuset which is still the place of noblemen meetings. Another historical building, City hall, holds awarding ceremonies and banquets devoted to Nobel laureates.

If you go up to the City Hall tower which is 106 metres in height, you will see a wonderful view of Gamla Stan with many preserved historic buildings. You can also look at Stockholm from a high point in the local TV tower (337 metres) and in the world’s first elevator built in 1880 (40 metres). After that, go down to the Stockholm underground - all the stations are completely different and look like halls a contemporary art museum.

Though Sweden is one of the most up-to-date countries, local traditions and cultural heritage are extremely valued here. To get into the spirit of the knighthood era, go to the island Gripsholm castle of the XVI century, then Uppsala and visit tombs of the kings. For these purposes book a car with a driver in Stockholm and travel with comfort!

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