Transfer in Khujand

While thinking about the upcoming vacation you might search the web in order to find some new ideas on where to go. The first pages of your browser will list the same popular but boring resorts and destinations. It’s time to expand your horizons and consider Tajikistan as one of the fun unconventional places to visit. For the history buffs: the Silk Road passed through these lands, transforming the region, especially the city of Khudjand. This city combines the taste of the middle-eastern bazaar with soviet architecture. You can visit medieval architectural wonders and more recent monuments that will still leave you in the state of awe. If you are into a wildlife recreation visit the Kayrakkum Reservoir outside the city, where you can swim, fish, and go on birdwatching trips since the area is officially listed as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

How to get to Khudjand? Khudjand international airport is 7 kilometres away from the city. You can take a taxi or a shuttle to leave the airport. In order to save energy and time book a transfer, the driver will pick you up at the airport and help you out with the luggage.

Here are some tips on what to see in Khudjand: First and foremost visit the Khujand fortress. This place was captured, destroyed and erected time and again by a lot of conquerors such as Alexander the Great or the army of Genghis Khan. The recent VIII-X century building was restored to function as a museum of fortification. You can see the ancient artefacts here as old as the fortress itself.

Take a taxi in Khujand to get to the remote Mausoleum of Sheik Muslihiddin, this medieval iconic monument consists of the mausoleum mosque and a minaret.

The soviet era left Khujand with a modern palace of the Panjshanbe Bozor. The oriental semi-spherical portal above the central entrance is adjoined to the soviet columns and statues of workers and peasants. It is still a functioning market where you can buy middle-eastern delicacies. Haggling is mandatory, or you will be perceived as rude.

To finally take a rest from the city hire a chauffeur to take a ride to the Kayrakkum Reservoir. This artificial lake lies on the Syr Darya river and is 52 kilometres in length. You can go camping around these parts or stay at a local BnB.

Another soviet legacy is the Arbob Cultural Palace 10 kilometres away from the city. It is modelled in the shape of a European Grand Palace but the interior and the fountains reveal its middle-eastern origin.

The locals are truly friendly and might easily invite you to share a meal wherever you go. Rich past mixes with a laid back present making this city perfect for a relaxing trip.