Transfer in Bukhara

Going on vacation but haven’t decided where yet? What about a real Arabian folk tale? Bukhara is exactly that: walk through a real middle-eastern bazaar in search of souvenirs, visit a real XVI century bathhouse — Hamman Bozori Kord. Majestic mosques, decorated madrassas on and minarets will bring you to medieval times of Sultans and Emirs.

How to get to Bukhara? You can take a train to Bukhara from Tashkent. If you are flying, the Bukhara international airport is 6 kilometres away from the city centre. You can get there by bus or taxi. It might be easier to book a transfer in advance to be sure that the driver will be able to communicate with you and won’t overcharge you.

The weather in Bukhara allows sightseeing all year round. However the most comfortable time for spending time outside is March-June and September-November, otherwise its +50 ℃ in summer and 0℃ in winter.

Most of the local sights date to the IX century, however, there are some that are much older. The main point of interest is the Po-i-Kalan ensemble erected in XII-XVI centuries. It consists of the three architectural monuments: Kalan minaret and mosque and The Mir-i Arab madrasa. Thшы conical-shaped minaret is the highest building in the centre, it’s forbidden to erect anything higher. The Kalan mosque is the second-biggest mosque in Central Asia was found in 1514. The Mir-i Arab madrasa was built in the XVI century and maintained its elite religious status until the beginning of the XX century.

Minutes away you can find a winter palace of Emirs — the Ark. This fortress was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times for two and a half thousand years. Today, this is the main archaeological institute and museum. The collection is updated every dig that takes place in the Ark.

6 kilometres away is Sitora-i Mokhi Khosa — the Summer Palace of the last Bukharan Emir Said Mir Mohammed Alim Khan. This ensemble was built combining the European and Asian styles at the beginning of the XX century. You can also visit the lost city of Varahsha 30 kilometres from the city. Hire a chauffeur for a day in Bukhara to see more spend a day outside the city.