Transfer to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a sunny city which you may know from the Argentine shows. All year long the temperature is over +14 °С and the last time it was snowing was in 2007. Learn tango from the locals and feel the atmosphere of the city where music doesn’t stop.

How to get to Buenos Aires? If you arrive early in the morning or at night, we recommend that you book your transfer in advance. It is much more convenient and faster than to go to the city by public transport. The airport of Buenos Aires is 27 km away from the city. An average route of the bus №8 is 2h 40min long while a minibus of the Manuel Tienda Leon transportation company will get you from the airport to the Terminal Madero station in one hour. Transfer transportation is just 40 min long.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, a multinational and vibrant city of Latin America. People come here to participate in noisy carnivals, attend a tango lesson and meet the dawn on the shore of the Bay Of La Plata. Do not forget that in the vicinity of the city there are many beaches and resorts that are popular among locals and tourists. To get there and get without traffic jams, you can rent a car with driver in Buenos Aires. For example, Mar del Plata, a popular holiday destination, is 400 kilometers away from the capital. This is the most famous resort in the country with Spa complexes, water parks, outdoor and indoor pools with thermal water, as well as various shopping and entertainment centers.

If you want to see the sights of Buenos Aires, head to the main Plaza de Mayo, which is surrounded by old buildings of the XIX century such as Palace Casa Rosada, the modern residence of the Argentine President, and the theater "Colon" with a 2,500 seats hall as well as the Museum of Latin American art. What else to see in Buenos Aires? Take a look at the Palermo area, known for a Japanese garden with a lake and sports tracks. Various celebrations, theatrical performances and picnics are frequently organized there. You can buy a ticket to the national Museum of Art to see the works of local and foreign artists, sculptors and woodcarvers.

What is the best way to get around the city? A bus is the most affordable and popular form of public transport. There are round-the-clock routes, and there are ones from 09: 00 to 22: 00. If you want to avoid traffic jams, use the Metrobus, which gets a separate road line, separated from the rest with an iron fence. Taxis in Buenos Aires are expensive, and drivers often set the price of a trip several times higher.. If you need to get to the airport or drive to a nearby city, book a transfer. The driver will arrive on time and quickly take you to the right place.

Enjoy your trip!