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If you are going to visit the capital of Bulgaria, it is worthwhile to think over the details of the trip in advance. For example, book a transfer in Sofia using the service On the site you can rent a car anywhere in the world. This is especially true for those traveling by a large company or active tourism enthusiasts.

Sofia is a unique city with a two-hundred-year history. During this time he was captured by the Romans, Greeks and Ottomans. That gradually led to the fusion of Eastern and European culture. The territory is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain massif, which seems to be a semicircle.

Over the past decades Sofia has evolved from a quiet city into a dynamic and contrasting metropolis, without losing the charm of antiquity. Now the attractions are hotels, bars and modern office centers.

Excursions begin on the square of the People's Assembly near the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. There is also a monument to the Tsar Liberator, Alexander II. Further, towards the center, is the Russian church of St.Nicholas, and on the Battenberg square - the Museum of Natural Sciences.

In Sofia there is a functioning mosque of the Bath-Bashi of the XVI century. In the building there is a small structure of an ancient bath and a fountain with hot drinking water. Excursions are conducted when believers have performed prayer. In the 20th century, the Mineral Bath was built, the ornaments of which return to the medieval cathedrals of the city. The structure was considered the pearl of the capital, but after a while it fell into decay and now it is being restored.

Between the famous baths is a modern complex, consisting of some fountains. It is noteworthy that the water in them is drinkable.

In the National Museum of History, Thracian gold is stored and exhibited, as well as exhibits from the period of the Bulgarian Revival. The city's art gallery in the central park has a large collection of works by contemporary local artists.

The routes are connected with all the neighborhoods and suburbs of Sofia. The bus lines are crossed by the central station of Autogar Serdika. From here you can reach the ski resorts and other cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas and return back. Therefore tourists don’t have questions about how to get to Sofia. Tram lines are 15. Also two trolleybus depots, Nadezhda and Iskar. There are minibuses and taxis. The metro consists of two lines. The first branch of Vitosha goes through the center and the Lyulin district to the airport. The second is "Sofia" passes through the stop "Serdika" to the final "Slivnitsa". There are also private bicycle rental offices, as there are special bike paths in the city.

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