Transfer in Silkeborg

If you decided to go somewhere during the Christmas holidays, we can recommend you Silkeborg, a Danish city. As in every European location, in this city people like preparations for the most important celebration of a year. The city becomes a real Christmas miracle: fairs, streets illuminated with garlands and traditional eats and drinks.

In the summertime, Silkeborg is perfect for outdoor activities thanks to various landscapes: forestlands, the Himmelberg Hills and lakes. This region is believed to be the most beautiful one in the country.

The most comfortable way to get Silkeborg is going to Copenhagen and then fly with a transfer at the nearest airport (for example, in Billund, Aalborg or Aarhus) because in Silkeborg there is no. Bus service is well-developed in this city - due to the small size, it is possible to get any place quickly and comfortably. If you don’t want to make your trip depend on buses schedules you can hire a transfer in Silkeborg - your transportation to a hotel will be much pleasant.

In relation to many other cities, Silkeborg is a young one. It is said to be founded in the middle of the 19th century though in the 15th century there had already been a castle. In the 18th century, the Silkeborg manor was founded, Now it is a historical museum - discovering sights of Silkeborg is better to start from here. In the exhibition, there is an absolutely unique item - miraculously spared remains of a 2200-year old human who was found in a peat lake nearby.

What else there is to see in Silkeborg? The city history is tightly connected to lakes and river which it stands on. In the XIX century, local water bodies supported the developing city industry. The monument to one of the factory workers and city founders stands on the main square. In the evening light shows are organized in this square.

The population of Silkeborg likes various events. Aside from golf, fishing and water sports, people can enjoy numerous local festivals. Every three years the fireworks festival takes place here and the River Boat Jazz festival happens in July. It is 5 days of music, meetings with bands and music training. The Silkeborg is often called the musical capital of Denmark.

The public transport travel in the city is very comfortable as there are 16 bus routes. If you have trouble figuring out the map, you can always use a taxi. We suggest more walking as many places are inaccessible on transport.

Each tourist can find something to like: museums, walks around the city or even sport activities. The weather in Silkeborg is favorable for outdoors recreation. Local climate is much milder than in the rest of the country.

Outdoors enthusiasts would love local nature. The country of lakes is an excellent place for picnics, hikes and fishing. There are special spots for this everywhere and they are carefully maintained. You can rent all necessary equipment in the city. To enjoy the sights of northern nature and fresh air, you can rent a car with a driver in Silkeborg.