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Are you going to visit the Italian coast? Whatever airport you arrive at, we recommend you to book a transfer to Genoa, one of the most visited resorts in Liguria. Ordering a car at, you will save time on the way and will be able to start exploring the cultural capital of Liguria on the same day. Travel with comfort!

The resort town Genoa is located in the North of Italy, on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Back in the middle ages, Genoa played an important role in transport and Maritime traffic, as the city is one of the largest ports in the country.

It is worth start a tour certainly from the port. There is the symbol of Genoa. It is 77-meter lighthouse La Lanterna, the highest in the Mediterranean. It was built in the 12th century: since then it has a direct function. To climb to the top of the tower, you need to overcome 375 steps. However, the lighthouse is open to the tourists only on weekends and holidays. The rest of the days you can visit the Museum of Genoese port. On the territory of the port is also interesting to visit the Palazzo San Giorgio, a Palace of the 13th century in the Baroque style.

Genoa is an ancient city with a rich architectural heritage. Numerous buildings and a Palazzo in the center have been preserved in full measure. Therefore, it is worth a walk through the historic streets, walk to Piazza Bianca and make a stop at the national Museum of Liguria. Popular exhibitions are in the gallery of mirrors and furniture. The most beautiful street is Garibaldi. Previously, there lived famous people of Genoa. By the way, Genoa is the birthplace of Nicolò Paganini, and Christopher Columbus.

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If you want to travel to all the cities of the Ligurian coast (Pisa, Sestri Levante, La Spezia), we recommend you to rent a car with a driver.

How to get to Genoa from the airport or from other cities? In order not to overpay for a taxi and not to look for public transport routes, leave a request for a transfer to a multilingual service