Transfer in Petra

Any trip requires careful preparation. If you are going to Jordan, be sure to visit the main attraction-Petra. Book a hotel and consider your transportation options. The most convenient solution to your travelling problems in an unfamiliar country is to order a transfer. Use our service and choose the best option on favorable terms.

How to get to Petra? There is no airport in Petra, the nearest one is in Aqaba, 130 kilometers away. All transport (buses and taxis) runs to the village of Wadi Musa from the terminals. To get directly to Petra, use transfer services. The car will be there on time, and you will get to the ancient city quickly.

There are no hotels in Petra, the nearest available ones are in Wadi Musa If you want to stay for a few days to thoroughly explore the ancient capital, we advise you to book a hotel in the village as early as possible and buy an entrance ticket to Petra for 3 days.

What to see in Petra? Tourists come here for the incredible Sandstone architecture. Petra covers only 200 km², where you can find 107 tombs, including the tombs of kings and jinns. Also here you will find "high" altars, where religious rituals were held, spacious theatres for up to 6,000 people and unusual palaces. It will be interesting to wander through the mysterious caves and gorges. The real wonder of the world in Petra is the Treasury, a monolithic structure carved right into the sand rock. You will see the Corinthian columns, the Alexandrian statue of ISIS and the Egyptian obelisks. The mixture of cultures and religions in the exterior of one building is a unique heritage of the Arab world.

The best time to visit Jordan is May or June. The weather in Petra will surprise you with the warmth without heat, typical for July and August. Winter, it is quite cool , sometimes it even snows.

Outside Wadi Musa is another interesting attraction — Little Petra. Not all travelers know about it. You can take a walk there and see its own theater and altars. Be prepared: take comfortable shoes. There are many steps and paths to climb to the top of the mountainous area of Little Petra. You can enjoy impressive views from the height. Take a few photos to remember. The hidden castle of crusaders — Le Vaux Moise ("Valley of Moses") is located at the foot of the hills. It was built as an Outpost of another fortress — Montreal, the most important defensive structure of the knights in Jordan. It is 17 kilometers from Malaya Petra. Hire a chauffeur in Petra and travel to the most interesting places in Jordan with comfort!