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How to get to Karakol? The city is situated in a distant part of Kyrgyzstan near Kazakhstan and China. The nearest airport to Karakol is in the town Tamchy. The airport is for local flights only. There are some rare flights from other countries in summer. All in all, tourists go through Bishkek airport, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and go by bus or car. The road to the eastern part of the country will be exciting. You will see picturesque views out of windows. There is Issyk-Kul lake in 12 kilometres from the city.

Karakol is the fourth largest city in the Kyrgyz Republic. The year of foundation is considered to be 1868. Initially, the military and administrative centre was built on a caravan track where expeditions went around Central Asia.

What to see in Karakol? Karakol is located in the foothills of the Terskey Ala-Too mountain range. The city was built up with mud houses but after the earthquake houses decided to be built with wood in 1887. It was a small town with the priority of culture. This was facilitated by the good location and interest of the Russian Empire to Central Asia. Scientists explored the flora and fauna of the nearest areas. It is worth to choose several days for visiting Karakol sights and go for a walk in the city. The Holy Trinity Cathedral and Dungan mosque will attract you by its traditional architecture. It will be exciting to visit Bugu-Ene Zoo and Animal Market with your children. You can go by public transport and taxi in Karakol.

Rent a car with a driver and go for a ride around old streets like in the midland of Russia. You can go to the Terskey Ala-Too rift and up to the panorama view and have a look at the peaks of Karakol and Jigit.

There are lots of natural amenities you need to visit. You can go to a mysterious Jeti-Oguz or Skazka Canyon where are funny figures on the cliffed landscape. There is also a whirlpool Barskoon. Local people set up yurts and entertain tourists at national drink — kymyz. The new route to the Salt Lake was opened in 2001 and called “Dead Lake of Kyrgyzstan”. The water consists of 132 grams of salt per litre so the locals are sure the reservoir can heal people.

Karakol is rather popular in winter for its sports. The Olympians trained there during the Soviet era. The climate is comfortable. There is no hard frost and there are also hot springs in Karakol.

Karakol is a welcoming Kirghiz city which is famous for its natural beauty and delicious national dishes. If you want to have an excellent experience during your trip, think your daily route over. You will see lots of city sights for a short period of time. If you are going to take guided tours to the neighbouring towns, don’t forget to book a transfer on our website.

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