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When traveling around Malta, be sure to visit one of the most hospitable resorts in the country. Transfer in Bugibba is an excellent way to save time and money. Book service through our website and you can quickly and inexpensively reach the hotel.

There is only a single airport in Malta. There is a number of buses which frequently course from the airport to Bugibba. Pay attention to the shuttle schedule to choose the right one. If it’s your first time in Malta it may be hard at first, especially as the buses course only once per hour. It will be much easier to leave the airport by transfer.

Bugibba is a popular resort, located on the north of Malta. People come here to relax on sandy beaches, unique to this location. The Bugibba is closely connected to the Aura settlement. Also, there is no distinct separation between cities. You can simply walk from one city to another by the promenade.

What to see in Bugibba? You can visit cozy and comfortable fishermen houses near St. Paul’s bay. Visit the old Templar forts and the XVII century Wignacourt Tower. It is the old watchtower with a small history museum inside and an old cannon on the roof. The entrance is free but check the schedule for working hours. The secular architecture is represented by the XIX century Pescatore palace with fountains, gardens and large gates. Here you can find an Italian restaurant with delicious sea cuisine.

The famous Kennedy grove and Salina park, equipped with a unique underground reservoir, are located near the city. Because of it plants do not suffer during the dry seasons. Here you can also visit The Salt Pits which were created in Saline in XVI by the order of Grand Master La Valette. They are small artificial cavities, carved out in the rocks on the seashore. Not far off lies the Simar nature reserve where the migrating birds fly to wait out the winter. About 120 species of birds find a temporal shelter here. You can visit these dwellers from September to May on weekends.

As in the rest of Malta, the weather in Bugibba is perfect for a beach vacation. The vacation season begins in May and ends in October. During the period, the water is of comfortable temperature but some enthusiasts enjoy it even in winter.

To get better acquainted with the country, go on a travel around the seaside cities. There are many interesting things on your way. In St. Julian’s you can party in numerous clubs and bars, go shopping in Slime and enjoy the architecture in Valette. Rent a car in Bugibba and bring diversity to your trip!

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